Looks like things could get worse before they get better. You all know I am down on this one lol…still getting some premium on the calls with a break even around 18 or so. Might be time to just forget about this one for awhile if it drops much lower.

The good news is it looks like it could find support on the trendline, which coincides with the .618 fib.

Wanted to sell some puts here to average down but not enough margin lol. Waiting for an IV pop to sell some calls…possibly at the .618 fib and trendline confluence. I will definitely be selling puts at that level.

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Looks like we got the bounce right of the .618 fib.

I’m expecting a bounce to around .5 fib.

Where is price going?

I’m expecting up to the 50% retrace.

What am I doing.

Sell calls on my stocks @ 20.