Oil is life

I first heard “Oil is life” from Doomberg (Substack guy.).
But he’s right.
Throughout recorded history, human progress came from some energy source. Pre-history was firewood. At some point (Bronze Age?), found coal to be a more dense source of energy (metallurgy) . But both wood and coal were costly to ship (can’t push it through pipeline)… Then J.D. Rocklefeller (“JD”) showed up and figured out the business model for crude oil and its various distillates. So the first fortune that JD had was in kerosene, for lighting. He was replacing the Whale Oil business. Not that many years ago, people were wearing buttons, “Save the Whales”, and all those kids were good soldiers,so they absolutely hated guys like JD.
But it was really JD who saved the whales.
The kids with the buttons had nothing to do with it.
The second fortune that JD found (being a frugal entrepreneur) was gasoline/diesel, all the grades. He paid his chemists to find the best blends of the octanes which would work best in ICE engines (Internal Combustion). He and his chemists were wildly successful. Such that his compane was called “Standard Oil”.
A case can be made that JD also found not only auto transport (portable gasoline), and modern Agriculture. Pres. Lincoln freed the slaves, but now who was going to tend the fields? John Deere Company was making horse drawn implements, But the horses had to rest, etc. There were steam powered farm tractors. But they were giant (and very expensive). So JD was instrumental in bringing humanity into the 20th Century.
President Lincoln only enforced the laws.
But somebody had to make it practical.
And that guy was JD. Wow.
Maybe JD got rid of slavery world wide.
And libs hate him :“Robber Baron

The reason I’m saying all of this is to find out if this new MB really embraces what is most important in an MB: “Freedom of Speech”.
On the ET, everybody has to be careful NOT to hurt somebody’s feelings.
So, let’s find out right now.
The liberal policies of this country started a long time ago, but got into high gear with the Vietnam War, and had gotten markedly worse since then…
The people in the War protests are now running the country. They have taken over everything, especially energy.
Problem with energy policy is that effects everyone. It’s ubiquitous.
I see a lot of bright folks (e.g. the google boys) looking at the entry that JD Rock has in Wiki. And they say “Somebody hold my beer. I can do that.”
We are forming national policies/ world policies based on some 70-year old adolescent who has delusions of grandeur. I hope that hurts somebody’s feelings right now. :dizzy_face:

Anyway, I do like charts.
The 40 year Monthly bar chart is very interesting.
I think oil is going to go into a new bull market.
I’d add a $WTIC chart but I can’t figure out how to do that.

Have to get some checks for taxes (late this year)

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